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finally, a way to get all your email contacts (from all folders) from your own big email account. you have a very old email account and you have tons of emails electronics. can you get all contacts (from every folder including inbox, sent, spam or any other folder)? yes, you can extract all emails in that email account using extract any mail pro. extract any mail pro works with your yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other free email account.

see extract any professional email in action: extract all emails from free yahoo account (no need yahoo plus!)

It is very important for internet marketers to get closer to their customers. sometimes, we need to get all the IDs from our inbox. we can use webmail but this is a tedious task. So why not use an automated system? extract any mail pro will store your entire account. it works using multiple threads and very fast. once you get the email ids you can save them in multiple formats. it is good to also list the management software.

other functions:

  • extract any mail pro works with any of the mentioned ports. it supports ssl authentication.
  • extracting any mail pro is too fast. it creates background threads and can perform the same task quickly.
  • the user only needs to mention their id. they can add any id number they need to extract. then extract any mail pro will do the rest for them.
  • extract any mail pro supports saving the result list in multiple formats. therefore it is always easy to maintain potential email ids.
  • extract any mail pro is very easy to use. It has a good user interface that helps users to navigate easily. it also contains a complete task management window.
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