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direct mail design costs

The costs of your mailing campaign largely depend on the design of the direct mail. design charges can range from as little as $10 to around $1,000 for a particular campaign. this significant price difference is due to their approach to designing the mail.

here are many questions whose answers you must decide beforehand. Are you going to use some stock images or custom photography for your designs?

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Are these designs going to be generic or complicated? Is there someone in your firm who can handle the design part, or do you need to look for outside options?

direct mail personalization cost

The answers to these questions largely decide the price of your direct mail. therefore, marketers need to consider these things and make a plan. If there is already a designer within your company or someone with artistic skills, you can design your artwork in-house without paying anyone extra. this method is your first approach to designing your direct mail.

1. internal design

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the initial cost of doing the design in-house can be absolutely zero. it is the least expensive approach and perhaps the best option for any company. Also, if you have to design something very basic like invoices, you can easily do it in-house.

The do-it-yourself way will not only save you a lot of money, it will also help you get your designs ready faster. From a cost-savings standpoint, hiring someone full-time to do all your designs is also a smart choice if you regularly run direct mail campaigns.

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some companies already have at least one graphic designer as an employee; such companies can simply prepare the art through them. By keeping these things in mind, the cost of internal design can be reduced to zero.

2. templates

There are several direct mail templates available online and you can buy them for just a few dollars. the average fee per template starts at $10. If there isn’t a designer within your firm, this is your second best option. In terms of direct mail marketing costs, professionally designed templates are also an affordable option.

Different templates are available for banking, real estate, healthcare, and financial services to send postcards, letters, bills, checks, and other documents. therefore, you can check the available templates and select one. these templates let you work up some nice performance art that fits your brand image and justifies your direct mail message.

3. hire a professional

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In case the above two options don’t work for you or your direct mail requires complex design, hiring a design agency or professional is your best option. here, the quality of the work delivered is excellent, but the prices are high.

Some freelance designers charge up to $100 an hour, depending on the quality of work you expect, the software used, the time needed, the number of edits you requested, and the level of intracity required in your designs. Some designers or design agencies charge less for simple designs, while complicated patterns and too many edits can cost you more.

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Marketers can get unique, professional and amazingly creative artwork designed through this option. In general, you can expect to pay between $150 and $2,000 when you hire an individual or agency for the design. request quotes and then select an agency that offers quality work at reasonable prices. You don’t always have to pay the highest amount to get the best.

the design charges that add up to the total cost are fixed. no matter how many pieces of direct mail you send, these charges will remain the same.

how much do direct mail designs cost?

Design is an important element when calculating your total cost, but don’t forget that it also plays a big role in the success of your campaign. therefore, make sure your design is eye-catching and appealing to your audience.

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