Delete or restore your photos & videos

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Watching: Delete or restore your photos & videos

Google Photos is a great application to use to backup your photos, but sometimes, you want to delete some photos to free up space for more recent ones. Keep reading to find out how to delete Google backup photos on your computer or through the mobile app.

The web application ( synced devices, such as your smartphone or Android tabletGoogle Photos albumsShared albums you added those photos to

Delete Google Photos From the Gallery on the Web App

In your web browser, navigate to

Mouse over the photo you want to delete and select the gray checkmark in the upper left of the photo.

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Select Move to trash. The photo is deleted from your Google Photos account, as well as any synced devices like your smartphone and tablet.

Deleting a photo on Google Photos moves it to the Trash, where it will stay for 60 days before being permanently deleted by the system.

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Permanently Delete Photos and Videos in the Google Photos Web Application

All items in the trash are deleted automatically every 60 days, but you can get rid of them sooner.

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