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How khổng lồ Set Up SBCGlobal Thư điện tử in Gmail.Watching: How do i transfer my sbcglobal email to gmail

SBCGlobal E-Mail is a service that was originally offered by Southwestern Bell, or SBC Communications Inc. In 2005, SBC Communications purchased AT&T and adopted the AT&T name for the newly merged company. SBCGlobal gmail accounts are still in use và many users seek lớn set up their SBCGlobal gmail trương mục for use within Gmail.

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In this post, we explore how to lớn set up SBCGlobal Thư điện tử in Gmail using the POP3 mail protocol. Additionally, we will also cover some of the most common issues users encounter, and how to lớn fix or resolve them.

SBCGlobal Email in Gmail – POP3 Setup Process.

To begin the setup process, you should first open the Gmail phầm mềm, or go lớn the Gmail trang web at:

From there, you will need lớn sign in to your Gmail tài khoản, using your Gmail tin nhắn address and the associated password. Then, once you have sầu gained access to lớn your tài khoản, you should cliông chồng on the ‘Settings’ cogwheel button & then cliông xã on ‘Mail Settings’ or ‘See All Settings’, depending on which Gmail tiện ích you are using.

Next, go lớn ‘Accounts and Import’, scroll down to lớn ‘Cheông xã E-Mail From Other Accounts’ or ‘Chechồng Mail Using POP3’, and then select ‘Add an E-Mail Account’. You will be asked khổng lồ enter the full gmail address you wish to lớn import và this is your SBCGlobal tin nhắn address. Clichồng ‘Next’ và you will be asked lớn enter a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. In the ‘Username’ field, enter your full SBCGlobal gmail address again, & in the ‘Password’ field, enter the password for that trương mục.

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The remaining settings lớn enter are as follows:

Inbound Server: inbound.att.netInbound Port: 995

You should also check the box next to ‘Always Use a Secure Connection (SSL)’ to enable this function.

Clichồng ‘Add Account’ và you will also be presented with the option to lớn be able khổng lồ skết thúc emails through Gmail. If you opt khổng lồ vì this, you may also need lớn enter the following settings lớn complete the thiết đặt process:

Outbound Server: outbound.att.netOutbound Port: 465

The POP3 email settings in this article apply lớn all ATT legacy gmail addresses, which means email addresses ending in,,,,,,,,, and

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* & IMAP.. Settings.

To configure IMAP Settings in Gmail, vày the following:

xuất hiện the Gmail tin nhắn client.Cliông xã on the File tab from the top-left corner, select Account Settings New.Cliông chồng the Server Settings option for manual thiết lập.Click on the Internet E-mail Addresses tab and enter the details under user information.Select IMAP in the Server Information. AT&T & SBCGLobal E-Mail IMAP incoming mail VPS is Enter 993 as the port number for secure connection.The outgoing mail server for AT&T và is, & the port number is 465 or 587.Choose Test Account Settings lớn verify the connection & tin nhắn VPS settings.Cliông xã on the Next button, then Finish to lớn complete the IMAPhường email settings protocol.

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TIPS: If you have sầu an or email account created after June 11, 2011, you should tải về your tin nhắn to an tin nhắn client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird with the help of the IMAP.. protocol, if your tin nhắn tài khoản is about lớn expire. With IMAPhường, the emails won’t appear in your Gmail tài khoản, however. To tải về the mail to lớn an gmail client, add your or tài khoản using IMAP.. as the type of hệ thống, enter “” as the server name, enter “993” as the Port setting, và select the option lớn enable SSL.

Comtháng Problems When Using SBCGlobal Via Gmail.

If you experience problems when using SBCGlobal through Gmail, the first thing you should bởi is double kiểm tra that you have sầu definitely entered the settings correctly. Pay particular attention to lớn the hệ thống & port settings, but it is also important to make sure you have sầu entered the correct email address and password too.

Some users also find that they experience issues with POP3 when using anti-vi khuẩn software. With this in mind, it may be worth temporarily disabling your anti-vi khuẩn software while using Gmail và then enabling it again after you have finished. If this resolves the problem, it is safe lớn assume your anti-virus software was the cause.

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If you ever decide to lớn stop using Gmail for checking your SBCGlobal emails, you can remove sầu the tài khoản by logging in khổng lồ Gmail, clicking ‘Settings’ & ‘Accounts và Import’, then clicking ‘Delete’ next to your SBCGlobal tin nhắn account.

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