Create a group & choose group settings

Groups are everywhere! While we only had real groups some years baông chồng, today there’s a complete shift & we mainly come across virtual groups! Talk about a tín đồ club, there are thousands of virtual groups but you would not see many in the real world!

So, why this shift? Well, people prefer connecting with each other virtually, because then they are not bound because of time or place. They are không lấy phí to talk whenever they want & it has made our life way easier.

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Talking about communication, I am sure all of you have a lot of Facebook groups or Whatsapp groups for that matter! So, why is it that we prefer these groups? It is because it saves the time we spend on communication.

The same message can be delivered to a lot of people together. We no more need to send it to each of the contacts in our menu và thus we can save sầu our time! And now that you already know the importance of groups, how about having E-mail groups?

Well, that exists for real! With Gmail, now you can even make gmail groups, i.e. you can deliver the same tin nhắn lớn all of your selected contacts in one go!

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Gmail never fails khổng lồ impress me, & with this feature, I am sure you will have sầu no complaints! In this article, I will be giving a step-by-step instruction lớn help you create a group tin nhắn in Gmail and thus save your time! Let’s begin!

Step 1

Log in lớn your Gmail tài khoản. Once your Gmail account opens, cliông xã on the Google menu which appears on the top right corner of your screen. It’s a square matrix. Here, clichồng on “Contact”.

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Gmail Label Name

Step 6

The newly created group will now appear under the label section on the left panel of the screen.

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Step 7

Now, to lớn send an gmail to lớn this tin nhắn group, simply compose the mail by clicking on the “Compose” button on the left side of the screen.

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