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For the longest time, I used to use Facebook to log in to Spotify. However, recently I thought of removing this dependency and switching over to the regular email address and password combination to log in to Spotify. A major concern I had was I might lose my playlists and liked songs over something so trivial, and it would be a total hassle to put that list back together. I couldn’t find a definitive answer, so I thought of writing this piece for anyone else who might have the same question.

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The current Spotify login page with available login optionsWhy you might want to do this?

Using Facebook login would mean that you’ve also logged in to Facebook every time you log in to Spotify. While this isn’t generally an issue, you might not want this to happen if you use prefer to listen to Spotify at work. With all the privacy concerns being brought up in recent times, you might also benefit from decoupling your Facebook account from your Spotify account so if you choose to deactivate Facebook in the future, you won’t lose access to Spotify.

Quick instructions

You would want to first go and grab your email address that’s associated with your Spotify account. Head over to the account overview page and locate your email address as highlighted in the screenshot below.

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Now that you know the associated email address, let’s head over to the password reset page and enter your email address in there. Next, check the I’m not a robot checkbox and complete the reCAPTCHA, and then click on the Send button. After clicking on the Send button you will receive an email with a password reset link — so ensure that you can actually login to your email account before doing this step.

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Within a minute or two, you should receive an email with the Reset password link. Click on that link to be redirected back to Spotify.


On this page, type in your new password and save your changes. You’ll now receive a confirmation email which means everything went super!

Confirm new credentials work

Head over to Spotify’s web player, click on the login button, enter your email address and password that you set earlier and you should now be able to login to Spotify and see all of your playlists and liked songs as you did before.

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You can additionally go to Facebook’s Apps and Websites settings page, search for Spotify, check the box beside it and click on the Remove button. This will no longer allow Facebook to share your information with Spotify.

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