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Do you want to know how to install android apps on your blackberry phone? here is a guide on how to get more beautiful apps

You may know the brand for its inimitable physical keyboards and high-level security features, but BlackBerry has picked up a few new tricks in recent years.

one of them is the ability to download and run android applications on blackberry phones. Plus, with BB10 devices, you no longer need to go through a cumbersome conversion process to access these apps.

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this is how you do it.

what you will need

You can easily install and run android apps on any blackberry device running bb10.2.1 and later. That includes devices like the BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z30, and everyone’s favorite boxy phone, the BlackBerry Passport.

As long as you have such a device, there are a number of methods you can resort to downloading android apps, but they all work by downloading android application package (apks) files, android apps packaged in zip files , to your browser or phone file manager.

We have outlined a couple of these methods because there is no full equivalent of the google play store. you probably want to use some fonts to get the apps you want.



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remember that while your blackberry can download and install android applications, none of them were created with blackberry in mind. this means that not all of them will work perfectly on your phone.

Understanding that, let’s see some of the simple techniques to get android apps on your blackberry phone.

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method 1: apk downloaders

The most common way to download android apps to your blackberry phone is to download an apk downloader app.

These will allow you to browse and download application files in their original apk state. then just go to your downloads folder (or wherever you chose to send the file) and install it.

one of the best and most complete is the amazon app store. yes, that’s the amazon app store, like you can get on android.

if you have a new blackberry with bb10.3 installed, you should already have the amazon app store. If not, simply point your blackberry browser to this official amazon app store link and hit the download button. now agree to any other steps, including enabling app installation from other sources.

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Amazon apps

now you can launch the app, sign in with your amazon account (you have one, right?), and download some android apps.

Two other well-established apk downloaders are snap and 1mobile market, so feel free to check them out. they work the same way amazon does: download the app store, find your app, download and install it, and what they lack in polish they more than make up for.

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method 2:

There is an easier way to download android apps than apk downloaders, and that is apktrain. is a simple web-based interface that allows you to install those applications directly without having to install a specialized application or “download”.

In your blackberry web browser, simply go to now find the app you want and hit the green download arrow to download it.

navigate to the downloads folder, locate the apk file, press and choose to install. tidy!

Between these various sources, you should be able to put together a fairly complete range of the top android apps on your blackberry smartphone.

There you have it. here’s how to get access to more apps on your blackberry phone. If you have any questions about the above, let us know in the comments section below.

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