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5 best bluetooth apps for android 2022

you’ll find bluetooth on virtually any smartphone. It has been a means of transferring data and information between devices for a long time. with it, you can transfer photos, videos and audios. You can also connect wireless devices to your phone using bluetooth connection. But beyond all this, there are more things you can achieve with your device’s bluetooth function just by having an app to extend its functionality. In this guide, we provide top 5 bluetooth apps for android.

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  1. automatic bluetooth connection

    If you’ve been having trouble connecting your bluetooth devices to your phone, it’s time to get a decent bluetooth manager. Since most of these issues can frustrate you, it’s important that you have a place to manage and monitor all of your bluetooth connection from one place. Bluetooth Auto Connect allows you to connect your devices automatically and provides you with a stable connection. has an interface that allows you to work with every function of your bluetooth device.

    download automatic bluetooth connection

    2. bluetooth file transfer

    Bluetooth File Transfer

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    If you need a high speed bluetooth file transfer app for your android device, look no further than bluetooth file transfer. although it has an outdated interface, but it still works. Apps rely on opp obex ftp protocols to transfer files between devices. bluetooth file transfer allows you to transfer various types of files like contacts, media, compressed files like zip, rar, gzip. The interface looks like a file manager and from there, you can access the phone’s internal storage or SD card. it is possible to transfer multimedia files such as photos, audios and videos.

    download bluetooth file transfer

    3. bluetooth app sender

    Bluetooth App Sender

    This application allows you to send applications to another device through a bluetooth connection. the app is easy to use and submit apps. start by launching the app and then choosing which of the apps you want to share and start the transfer. As you may not be able to transfer apps directly from some bluetooth enabled device, this app will come in handy. you can even do more with bluetooth app sender. allows you to remove apps directly from it so you can free up space on your device.

    download bluetooth app sender

    4. bluetooth remote pc

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    Bluetooth Remote PC

    bluetooth remote pc allows your android phone to communicate with your pc through a bluetooth connection. this way you can manage your desktop from your smartphone. you can even use it on a wifi connection. bluetooth remote pc can work as a wireless manager for your computer system. you can actually control things on your computer with this app. The app also works with powerpoint presentations and you can use it as a remote to switch between slides. it can even perform other functions such as controlling the computer’s keyboard and mouse.

    download bluetooth remote pc

    5. bluetooth transmitter

    another application to transfer files from your android device is bluetooth sender. is one of the best bluetooth apps. the app allows you to transfer photos, videos, audios, apps and more. allows you to do this safely. furthermore, it can allow you to transfer multiple fields at the same time. The app also has an app extractor that allows you to extract the apk of the apps you have on your android device. overall, it’s an efficient tool with a great user interface that makes it easy to navigate the app.

    download bluetooth transmitter

    rounding up…

    Whether you want an app to manage the devices you connect to your phone or an app that allows you to share files and media with others, this guide highlights bluetooth apps that cover various bluetooth functions. We hope this guide has been useful to you? if you did, please leave a comment and don’t forget to share…

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