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If you have searched the google play store, you will see many voice over internet protocol (voip) applications. You may be wondering: which option is best for your business?

Our guide features the best voip apps for android to make it easy for you to choose the right solution for your team. We’ll explain the key features of each service and how they can help your business give callers a seamless experience.

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how we chose the best voip apps for android

we rank the best voip apps for android devices based on the following factors:

  • Reliability: If you switch to an unreliable voip service and experience frequent dropped calls or poor voice quality, you risk your reputation.
  • compatibility: your team members can use other devices running ios, mac or windows. you want an app that runs on all popular devices.
  • integrations: integrations make it easy to transfer data between business apps. selecting a voip service that integrates with the applications you use in your business helps streamline workflows.
  • ease of use: there are many voip providers, but not many many can offer advanced features in an easy-to-use interface.
  • budget: While you don’t want to run to the bottom of the barrel, you still need to select an app that’s right for your budget .

11 best voip apps for android

These are the 11 best voip apps for android that help you make calls and offer additional features that you probably won’t get from your mobile operator.

1. open phone

openphone is the modern voip phone system for start-ups and small businesses. is the best voip app for android because it is much more than just a calling app.

You can send unlimited text messages, set up automatic replies when you’re out of the office, or collaborate with the team in a shared inbox. Plus, easily access your business number from any device as long as you have Wi-Fi. That way you can call and text from your computer, android or other mobile devices.

Another key thing to note for Android users: Google recently announced that third-party call recording apps are no longer allowed on the Google Play Store. however, you can still record calls using the openphone android app.

then use the recordings to review conversations or gain insight into customer interactions by integrating gong with openphone. Let’s say you mistyped a customer’s credit card number during the call and you get an invalid number error when you try to charge it. instead of calling back, you can simply listen to the recording of the call.

with openphone, you also get access to a wide range of valuable business-focused features, like crm, slack and zapier integrations, and toll-free numbers, for a much lower price than any voip service that offers a suite of similar functions.

key features:

  • unlimited calls and texts to usa. uu. and canada
  • affordable international calling rates
  • sms and mms support (including gifs, videos, photos and other attachments)
  • call recording
  • shared phone numbers
  • voicemail transcripts
  • auto attendant (ivr)
  • automated text messages with auto-responses and snippets
  • integrations for crm, slack, zapier, webhooks, gong and more


  • standard: $10 per user per month
  • premium: $20 per user per month
  • company: customer price

2. magicjack for business

magicjack for business is a legacy business phone service. your voip app offers the basics: call forwarding, call forwarding, voicemail and more, but is it the best service for your team?

While magicjack gets all the essentials, it lacks the key features you need to provide a seamless customer experience. For example, you can only send SMS messages through your Android or iOS device, not from a desktop computer. Also, MagicJack doesn’t support MMS messages at all, so you won’t be able to send photos, videos, and other files through the mobile app.

beyond mms, magicjack allows you to do almost everything a normal mobile phone does, but that’s about it. you cannot integrate it with other business applications or automate your workflow. while not very expensive out of the box, add-ons like auto attendant and virtual fax can quickly add to your total monthly cost.

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key features

  • make calls over Wi-Fi
  • Caller ID (taken from phone contact list)
  • voicemail
  • divert of calls

price: $15.99 per line per month (magicjack for business phones from $54.99)

3. google voice

Google Voice is popular with independent entrepreneurs and small teams because it’s free for personal use, has a simple interface, and is a product of Google.

You can use the service on android and other devices, including windows, mac and ios devices.

Of course, it’s an excellent free service. but it is not for commercial purposes.

Since the launch of the free app, Google Voice now has an enterprise offering, Google Voice for Google Workspace. Business plans start at $10 per user per month, plus an additional $6 per month for a Google Workspace subscription (which is required).

For its cost, google voice seems pretty basic. you don’t get features like autoresponders, snippets, shared numbers or inboxes, not even toll-free numbers.

key features

  • unlimited calls to us from anywhere in the world
  • unlimited calls to us and canada from the usa.
  • unlimited texting in the us. uu.
  • integrations for google calendar and google meet
  • voicemail transcriptions
  • auto attendant (available with an update)


  • Starter: $10 per user per month (plus $6 per month for google workspace)
  • Standard: $20 per user per month (plus $6 per month for google workspace)
  • premier: $30 per user per month (plus $6 per month for google workspace)

4. central ring

ringcentral packs almost all of its desktop features into its android app.

It is an excellent voip phone system to make video calls and voice calls, international calls, manage voicemail and other functions such as call transfer and forwarding.

the trap? It is one of the most expensive business voip phone services. Even for the high price, it doesn’t support MMS for Canadian numbers, a dedicated business address book, or autoresponders to text messages. 🤷

If you’re not a business user, you’ll pay for advanced features like virtual retention, campaign management, and co-browsing that you’ll likely never use.

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some former ringcentral customers also mention clunky desktop and mobile app experiences.

key features

  • unlimited calls within us and canada
  • sms and mms support
  • team messages
  • voicemail to text
  • call recording (available with upgrade)
  • real-time analytics (available with upgrade)
  • crm integrations (available with upgrade)

price (from 1 to 20 users)

  • Essential: $14.99 per user per month
  • Standard: $20.99 per user per month
  • premium: $26.24 per user per month
  • ultimate: $37.49 per user per month

5. mizudroid

mizudroid is a free app with no in-app purchases. To use this softphone, you will need a sip (session initiation protocol) account, which is a way of making voip calls.

You can also make international calls as long as you have a sip address, pbx or voip provider.

mizudroid offers good call quality, but the interface seems a bit dated. That said, the app can help you add voicemail and call forwarding features to your cell phone.

When you upgrade to the Professional plan, which costs $49 for lifetime access, you get extra features like automatic encryption, but it lacks impressive business-focused features.

If you need a voip app for personal use, mizudroid might be a good no-frills option. you’re better off with a more business-specific voip service for the workplace.

key features

  • support multiple sip accounts
  • multiple lines (simultaneous calls)
  • call forwarding: mute, hold, forward and transfer
  • voip tunneling and encryption
  • call recording
  • file transfer
  • compatible with ip phones and sip dealers

price: $49 for lifetime access to mizudroid pro

6. vonage

vonage is a legacy voip service that has been around for over 20 years. It offers almost all of the standard features you’d want in a voip app, including unlimited calls, unlimited texts, contact list sync, and crm integrations.

however, the cross-platform service offers only the basics on its mobile plan.

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for example, crm integrations are only available on the premium plan, while call recording is only available on the advanced plan.

vonage pricing also has additional fees for certain features, like call recording, which cost extra unless you have the higher tier plan, so you’ll likely end up paying a lot more than you budgeted for.

key features

  • unlimited team messages
  • multi-level auto attendant (available with upgrade)
  • crm integration (available with upgrade)
  • call recording (available with an upgrade)
  • virtual assistant ai (plugin required)

price (for 1 to 4 users):

  • mobile: $19.99 per month per line
  • premium: $29.99 per month per line
  • advanced: $39.99/month per line

7. nextiva

nextiva, like ringcentral, is a popular choice among business users. the service offers a good set of features including an auto-attendant, email integration, and desktop and mobile apps.

However, the basic plan features are mediocre. the essential plan (their lower tier plan) does not support texting on their mobile apps. you also need to contact sales every time you want to activate sms on new numbers.

after downloading the nextiva android app, you’ll need to take a few minutes to understand its complex pricing structure based on the number of users. if you’re a team of four or fewer members looking to call and text from your mobile apps, you’ll need to pay at least $27.95 per user per month.

key features

  • unlimited calling in usa. uu. and Canada
  • voicemail transcriptions
  • auto attendant
  • integrations (some are only available with an upgrade)
  • internet fax

price (for 1 to 4 users):

  • essential: $23.95 per user per month (does not include mobile sms/mms)
  • professional: $27.95 per user per month
  • company: $37.95 per user per month

8. softphone zoiper iax sip voip

zoiper is a sip and voip app available for free on the google play store (and is also available for iphone).

is a fast application that offers encryption, iax protocols (exchange between asterisks, a communication protocol similar to voip) and bluetooth support.

however, if you are an individual, you can choose something simpler like whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber or telegram.

businesses can make unlimited calls and access other features such as conference calls, call recording, call forwarding, call forwarding and more, but only with a zoiper pro subscription. If you need features like autoresponders or shared phone numbers, or a business phone solution that’s easy to use, Zoiper isn’t the best choice.

key features

  • sip and iax protocols
  • video calls (sip)
  • call recording (available in zoiper pro)
  • call forwarding (available in zoiper pro)
  • auto responder (available in zoiper pro)
  • crm integrations (available in zoiper pro)

price: $49.95 for lifetime access to zoiper pro

9. grasshopper

grasshopper is a legacy voip app from the early 2000s that is geared towards startups and small businesses.

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you get all the basics: unlimited calls and sms (no mms with toll free or canadian numbers), incoming call controls and voicemail transcription.

however, certain advanced features, such as call forwarding, are only available as plugins.

grasshopper offers all of its standard features on all its plans. the price depends largely on the number of phone numbers and extensions you need.

If you’re a small team and don’t need all of grasshopper’s features, you’ll end up paying a high monthly fee for features you don’t even need. 🙄

key features

  • unlimited calling in usa. uu. and canada (except alaska and hawaii)
  • voicemail transcripts
  • ivr
  • gmail integration
  • virtual fax


  • only: $26 per month (for 1 phone number and 3 extensions)
  • partner: $44 per month (for 3 phone numbers and 6 extensions)
  • small business: $80 per month (for 5 phone numbers and unlimited extensions)

10. skype

skype is a free voip application. Microsoft discontinued Skype’s business plan when it started diverting business users to Microsoft Teams, but Skype remains a popular video calling tool for personal use.

If you need to make personal calls or you’re a startup with no budget for a voip service, skype can help you connect with your customers through their mobile device.

Audio and video conferencing on skype allows hosting up to 100 users simultaneously (although it is only recommended for teams with 20 members or less).

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you can buy credits or a subscription to make calls, two-way sms and caller ID, but that’s about it.

you shouldn’t expect any heavy functionality in skype. As your business grows, you’ll probably find Skype inadequate.

key features

  • audio and video calls
  • instant messaging
  • local phone numbers in 25 countries (additional cost)
  • call landlines and mobile anywhere in the world (extra cost)
  • send sms (extra cost)

price: free for other skype users; buy credits (available for $5, $10 and $25) or a subscription (starting at $2.99 ​​per month) to call mobile and landline numbers

11. mobile bria

bria mobile is a softphone that allows you to make sip voip calls on mobile and desktop devices. It has a user-friendly interface, but the free version for individual users offers very few features.

If you want access to calling features like call forwarding, auto answer, and call recording, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans. With any paid plan, you can import and export contacts from Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, and Apple Mac Address Book.

sms is only available with their top-tier business plan. Basics like team voice, video service, and screen sharing are also only available with Bria Teams, its second most expensive tier. however, some key features are missing, including crm integration.

key features

  • contact list with availability status
  • call recording
  • push notifications
  • 1:1 chat rooms


  • bria only free: free
  • bria only: $2.95 per month (single user)
  • bria equipment: $4.95 per user per month
  • bria company: contact for pricing

5 key factors to consider when choosing the right voip app for your team

here are things to look for in a voip application.

1. integrations

Why spend time on mundane repetitive tasks when you can automate most of it? save time for you and your team by selecting a voip app that integrates with the apps you already use for business.

for example, when you integrate openphone with hubspot, all customer interactions (incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail and text messages) appear in the relevant hubspot contact history.

2. call recording

Whether you need call recordings to refer to later to track tasks or advise others, having these recordings online with the rest of a contact’s call and text history helps you deliver it all. the context you need. The best voip apps allow you to easily record phone calls at any time.

3. calling rates of the provider

If you opt for an app like openphone, you won’t have to worry about local calling rates. you get unlimited calls in the united states and canada.

if you opt for a service like skype, you should check the prices of the credits to avoid surprises later. Also, calling rates are different for international calls in almost every case, so check those too.

4. collaboration

Collaboration features like shared phone numbers and direct messaging help you deliver better customer experiences. they also help the team stay connected and provide quick responses to callers.

5. availability of customer service

You may have a problem with a voip system at some point. maybe you are not receiving sound once a call is connected. Do callers have to wait while you fix things on your end? Or should your team take an early lunch break?

You can’t stop business because of a technical issue, so you need customer support that provides solutions quickly.

openphone: the best voip app for android phones

openphone ticks all the boxes: robust features, great support, and pricing that won’t break the bank. With openphone, you don’t just get a voip app. you get a comprehensive business phone system with almost any feature you need for business communication that you can use from almost anywhere. See for yourself how easy it is to get started with openphone by signing up for a free 7-day trial today.

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