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What exactly does a Tinder Boost do?3 Hacks to make your Boost extra effectiveHow much does it cost for YOU?When is the best time to Tinder Boost?How to make your Boost more effectiveFinal verdict: Is Tinder Boost worth it?And much more…

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What is Tinder Boost & How does it work?

A Tinder boost makes your account one of the top profiles in the area for 30 minutes.

This means that when you activate a Tinder boost, your profile will be seen and swiped up to ten times more, increasing your chances of getting matches.

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Imagine that swiping on Tinder is like a stack of cards. Each card is a profile of a person. If you live in a densely populated city there are thousands of cards in this stack. Chances are that your future match will have swipe through tons of profiles before she gets to see your profile.

Boost places your card near the top of this deck. It won’t make your profile better than it is, but now so many people will see your profile that you’ll probably get a lot more matches than usually.

Now what’s important to know:

There are two ways to get Tinder Boosts. The price also varies depending on a couple some variables.

One thing is for sure, it’s not very cheap and in 2019 the prizes went up.

Let’s have a better look at the costs.

What’s the price? And where to get Tinder Boost.

There’s two ways to get your hands on boosts.

Buy them separately (no Tinder Plus or Gold needed)

The exact price is a bit tricky, because Tinder charges everyone differently.

Depending on where you live and how old you are, Boosts get cheaper or more expensive.

Recently there has been a Tinder Boost price increase.

Look at this screenshot from my very own phone in 2018:


Now compare that to this screenshot from my very own phone in 2019:


During the first screenshot I was 30.

In the second I was 31.

Both times I was at the same location.

In 2018 one boost cost me 4.38 euro. If I bought ten at once, the price went down to 2.69 each.

In 2019 one boost cost me 6.49 euro. If I bought ten at once, the price went down to 4.39 each.

So the maximum discount price in 2019, is the STANDARD price of 2018.

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Almost a 50% price increase regardless of my age.

When I asked a group of followers and clients for their prices, it was clear that they vary a lot.

Especially the younger guys seem to be paying a lot less.


Holy Tip:

Making a profile with a lower age reduces costs for all Tinder purchases. That means cheaper Plus, Gold, Boosts, Top Picks, etc.

Just don’t tell Tinder that you got this from me.

It’s probably bannable. And getting unbanned is nearly impossible. Setting up a new account becomes more and more difficult.


If you’ve decided to use a boost, then you better use it at the best time possible.

You want most bang for buck, right?

The best time to use Tinder Boost

The only way to know the best Boost time, is by looking at tons of data.

Research by Nielsen showed us when most users are on Tinder and other apps.

As you can see on the graph below, there’s a steady increase in activity between 6 pm and 9 pm.


With a clear peak at 9pm.

From 9 pm until 12 pm there’s still good activity but it goes down steadily.

The best day to use a boost could be Sunday. Or Monday

According to the yearly report by Bumble, Sunday is the busiest day. Other apps like Hinge said the same.

But Tinder said in its 2018 report that Monday between 6 pm and 9 pm sees most activity.

Bang bang!


Holy Tip:

Bad weather? Stuck inside?


Rain, wind, snow, or even storm can increase Tinder activity by up to 10%.

Sounds like a great time to use a boost!

In 2017 when storms Niko and Stella were active, we saw even more than 10% increase in Tinder activity.



That’s all you need to know about timing, or is it?

Let’s look at the other tricks to get the most out of your Tinder Boost!

3 Hacks to get better Boost results

A boost is never free.

So why not get the most out of it?

Here’s 3 quick tips that save you some frustration when boosting.

Don’t use Boost when you arrive at a new location

Boost puts you on top of the swiping stack.

But when you just got to a new city, Tinder automatically gives you a small boost.

It would be a shame to spend dollar dollar when you’re already being boosted, wouldn’t it?

So wait a bit.

Let the new location boost work its magic for you first.

If you notice not much is happening or it’s slowing down again…

…THEN you can boost.

Don’t use Boost if you’re busy

There’s not much use in boosting if you can’t instantly text your fresh matches.

3 reasons:

When a match is brand new, people are their excitement peak. Use it!When you text new matches, Tinder is happy. It’s good for the hidden score your profile gets.Texting your matches later doesn’t work well. To prove my point, look at below screenshot.

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These are 4 old matches I texted 2 weeks ago.

None of them responded during those 2 weeks.

Even though 2 of them Superliked me.

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How can so much interest turn into 0 responses?

Because I matched them way back. Varying from 2 months to 5 months.

They can’t remember swiping me and all the excitement is gone.

You could also argue that my opener is whack.

And I could argue back that it gets a response 7 out of 10 times on a perfected profile.

(It’s one of the openers I tested for an experiment I’ll share with you in the future. Check out this article if you’re struggling with starting a Tinder conversation)

Don’t use a Tinder Boost if your profile sucks

Call me direct or even rude…

…but your boost won’t do anything if your profile sucks.

If only 1% of girls that see your profile swipe you right…

…then being on top of the swipe stack for 30 minutes will result in only one thing…

You being disappointed and frustrated.

Not sure if your profile is ready for a Tinder Boost?

Use this link to use my Dating Profile Checklist for free today. It will give you a score out of 100 on how strong your profile is. And it will tell you where and how to improve.

Give it a try before flushing your money.

How to Boost your profile 24/7 (one time cost)

Did I just make you read this with clickbait?

Maybe a little. But it’s also kind of true.

See, if you make one hell of a profile picture…

…then you’ll ALWAYS get more matches.

It’s not exactly like a boost, true…

…it’s better.

Because a Boost is useless if your pictures suck.

Check this video where we replace horrible photos for my buddy Yens.

Oh yeah, with the “one time cost” I mean that if you have no friends who are skilled with a camera… then you might have to hire a solid photographer.

How to get more matches (with Boost and without!)

There’s another way to get more matches, without changing your pictures.

I’m not going to lie, if you refuse to take good photos, you’ll never have the success you wish for…

…but at least this tip will do its job.

You need a bio. A Tinder profile text.

Not just because I say so, but because science says so.

Profiles without a bio get up to 4x less matches.

See, if a woman doesn’t like your photos at all, she won’t check your Tinder about me.

If she really loves your photos, she might check your bio but it won’t be the deciding factor. She was sold on your solid pics already.

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But any girl that kind of likes your photos but isn’t blown away…

…will check out your bio.

No bio means you get swiped left. No luck.

A crappy bio means won’t do you any good either.

But the right bio…

…the right bio will get you a whole bunch of matches you missed out on before.

So without further ado, I’ll serve you 3 copy paste bio examples I like.

#1: The great white shark has a mating call that can be heard 40 km away. I have a Tinder profile with a range of 100 km. Suck on that you stupid shark and your million years of evolution.

It’s not too long but just long enough for a quick plot twist.

And it will make her laugh…

…if this is her kind of humor.

And if it isn’t, then you weeded out a match that would probably waste your time.

Oh and btw… if this isn’t YOUR type of humor, then don’t use this bio. You’ll attract women that will expect this sort of humor from you in your conversation and on the Tinder date.

#2: Pineapple goes on pizza.Just like how tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everybody but those who enjoy it are a little more sophisticated.

Wow wow wow…


That bio is too much.

It’s disgusting.

I’d rather eat dog poop than have pineapple on my pizza.

The other part of the bio is common knowledge though.

All jokes aside, this kind of love it or hate it bio will do a couple things:

Some girls that did like your photos might still swipe you leftSome girls that did like your photos might now be very intriguedEvery girl that matches you knows you are one kinky guy

This type of bio might not be ideal if you’re looking for a long term relationship with a religious virgin.

#3: I recently broke up with my girlfriend because she didn’t know how I liked my coffee.I like my coffee the same way I like my women.Without other people’s dick in it.

If you ARE looking for a girlfriend on Tinder, then this type of bio is your jam.

Show her that you’re not looking to mess around.

And you value loyalty.

But you’re doing it in a humorous way, without being a complete sourpuss about it.

And then once your relationship-oriented profile text lures her in, you better be faithful to your wifey.

A man is only worth as much as his words…

…or something like that. That was inside my fortune cookie sometime.

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You know how a Tinder Boost works now, and how to completely and absolutely maximize its potential.

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