Book of Boba Fett Theory Explains Why Baby Yoda Is Getting Special Armor

Before the book credits for Boba Fett’s fourth episode rolled, a familiar theme led fans to believe that the Mandalorian’s din djarin could appear in the show’s next chapter. However, few would have guessed that Episode 5 of Lucasfilm’s new live-action series would have been all about command in the wake of the events of its action-packed Season 2 finale.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers for the Boba Fett book.

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titled “return of the mandalorian”, the fifth chapter of the boba fett book showed command meeting with the armorer from season 1 of the mandalorian and in possession of a beskar spear and the legendary darksaber, but no grogu.


despite the fact that command managed to deliver grogu to his kind (the jedi through luke skywalker), he expresses his intention to “see him, make sure he’s safe” and instructs the gunsmith to forge something for the foundling.

Now that the rumors of a grogu cameo in the boba fett book seem to be true, the question is why would a jedi padawan need armor, and what exactly did commando have the armorer forge for him?

why does baby yoda have mandalorian armor?

Mandalorian Baby Yoda armor

Star Wars

Both seasons of The Mandalorian touched on Mando’s orthodox beliefs which, he later discovered, weren’t held by all Mandalorians. While he did violate “The Way of the Mandalore” by removing his helmet for Grogu in Season 2, his reprisal in The Book of Boba Fett reinforced the fact that he still has faith in the Armorer and “the Way.”

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mando also referred to grogu as foundling, which is a term for children adopted by Mandalorians. according to their creed, foundlings have the right to possess armor and join the Mandalorians when they come of age.

Because of the command bond with grogu and his apparently renewed commitment to “the way”, is it possible that he wants grogu to have his Mandalorian right to armor and choice?

Ahsoka’s warning about detachment may also be affecting Mando, especially as he now feels the full effects of being separated from Grogu.

After all, when the armorer reminds him of the need for Jedi to renounce attachment, Mando replies: “That is the opposite of our creed. Loyalty and solidarity are the way.” >

what did the armorer forge for baby yoda?

Baby Yoda

Star Wars

As to what the Armorer forged for Grogu out of the beskar spear, the series seems to want to keep that a secret for the time being.

When the armorer asks command what he should forge for the foundling, he gets no answer. instead, the camera focuses on her melting down the beskar and forging small metal rings that could be for chain mail. If so, this would be interesting as chainmail is something that has rarely been seen in the star wars universe.

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Baby Yoda Grogu

Star Wars

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The Armorer is then shown tying up her creation in a red and white cloth that is small enough to fit in Mando’s hand.

While it’s certain that exactly what he forged will be revealed in the next episode, the chain mail makes sense considering the wound he sustained while fighting with the darksaber. Perhaps he wants to make sure his foundling is protected from similar injuries during his own training?

Like father, like son is the style of star wars

Baby Yoda Boba Fett

Star Wars

While both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett are a departure from the films and even the various animated series, they’re still inherently Star Wars, which has always been about family and destiny.

just like vader and luke, just like han solo and ben, mando and grogu are another father and son relationship. they are also on similar paths in terms of their destinies with connections to both the force, the jedi, and the past and future of their kind.

Grogu is being trained by Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi and ensure the old religion lives on. Meanwhile, the armorer is training din djarin to use the darksaber in hopes of rebuilding what the Mandalorians have lost.

bringing the two together is sure to put them on a collision course in terms of their beliefs and may present them with new options, and the command gift of beskar armor for grogu will likely play a part in that.

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It will also be interesting to see how their reunion will set the stage for The Mandalorian Season 3 and whether Boba Fett and Fennec Shand will also have a role in that continuing story.

New episodes of the Boba Fett book debut Wednesdays on Disney+.

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