Avast Blocking My G Mail Shield Blocks Sending The Emails, How To Disable Avast For My Mail

I am running gmailaccount.co in Windows 10. The latest update has blocked all my gmail attachments. I get an gmailaccount.co icon that sends me to the gmailaccount.co Website. I have turned off mail shield. What else can I do?

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Mail shield blocks sending the emails
Mail shield blocks sending the emails


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That screenshot looks like the gmailaccount.co email signature that is attached to your outgoing emails by gmailaccount.co. You can turn that “signature” off in Menu>Settings>Protection>Core Shields, but that will not do anything for your blocked attachments.What email client software are you using?Are attachments being blocked outgoing from your gmail or incoming to your gmail account?
I am using Gmail. All of my incoming mail has the attachments blocked by gmailaccount.co. I have already turned off “mail shield” that didn’t help.This block is on my Gmail accounts on my PC and my phone.
karlhursh. Please answer my question: Which email client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird etc) you are using on your PC?Also which version of gmailaccount.co (free or paid), and which version of Windows?Otherwise are we to assume you are accessing Gmail via a web browser? if so which web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc)?If Chrome, do yo have any extensions installed?As you are suffering the same problem on your phone then are you certain it is gmailaccount.co causing this?On your PC, right click the gmailaccount.co tray icon,Click “gmailaccount.co shields control” and Disable shields temporarily.Does Gmail then work properly with attachments received with gmailaccount.co turned off?If not then your problem may be caused elsewhere.
email client is Outlook.I use Gmail in Google Chrome. Lots of extensions. I will try logging in on a “clean” browser. I have tried turning off everything that can be turned off in gmailaccount.co.Why would this be an issue on my iPhone?

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karlhursh.OK you are using Outlook as email client on PC, but it is Gmail attachments you say are failing and you are using Chrome browser to access Gmail when this happens. Is that correct?You still need to determine if it is gmailaccount.co or something else that is the cause.If you are having Gmail problems through Outlook, you can look to disable the gmailaccount.co add-in within Outlook to see if that helps.Also note my suggestion in my previous post i.e. disable all gmailaccount.co shields temporarily to see if that improves things.As for problem with iPhone then I suggest you ask that question in the gmailaccount.co Mobile Security section for that OS.https://gmailaccount.co/index.php?board=94.0

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