How To Root Android Without PC Using Root APKs

You can root android device without using a computer through apps like kingroot, framaroot, one click root or root master.

i have rooted my android phone before to have more control over it using kingoroot. it was surprisingly easy compared to the usual long rooting process. If you have been thinking of rooting your phone to unlock more features or get rid of bloatware, then you are at the right place.

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I will guide you through the apps you can use to root your android device and highlight the advantages of rooting your device as well as the dangers if you do it the wrong way. so stay with me until the end to learn more about this process.

things to do before rooting android devices

If you don’t want to brick your phone when you try to root your android device, you may want to follow these instructions:

  • Back up your device to protect your data in case rooting fails and your phone is wiped (possible). you can back up everything to your google drive or google one or save essential files to your pc first.
    • to back up your google files to your phone go to settings > google > backup > and tap “back up now” on google drive or google one
    • to back up the files to your pc,
      • connect your phone to the computer with a usb cable
      • when the message appears on your phone, select “allow access to files”
      • use the file explorer on your computer to copy the files you want to a selected location on your computer.

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      how do i root my android phone without a computer?

      There are a couple of one-click apps that you can use to root your android device without a computer. include the following:

      1. baidu root

      baidu is a popular rooting app used to root android devices without a computer. It is compatible with more than 6000 android models and can work on any device higher than android 2.2. is one of the most reliable android root apps.

      is designed by baidu inc, a chinese company. Since Baidu is not available on Google Play Store, you will need to download Baidu root app from other sources. You will need to make sure you have enabled installation of apps from unknown sources by following the steps below:

      for android 8 and above:

      • open settings.
      • tap on security & privacy then go to more settings.
      • click install apps from external sources and tap the browser app you’re using to download the apk.
      • turn on “allow app installations” to complete the process.

      for samsung devices:

      • open settings.
      • go to biometrics & security and then go to install unknown apps.
      • choose the browser you are using to install the apps from the options.
      • toggle allow app installs to end the process.

      Now it’s time to root your device.

      to root android without pc using baidu root:

      • Charge your device to at least 50%.
      • Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi is recommended. fi instead of mobile data .
      • Download and install the baidu root app on your device.
      • Launch the baidu root app and accept all the agreements that appear on your screen.
      • click“get root”, a blue button in the center of your screen, and then wait for the root process to run.
      • you will receive a notification once it is complete. now you can reboot your rooted device and start making the most of it.

      2. main root

      kingroot is another popular android rooting app that works quickly and smoothly. it was created by kingroot stud and has been around for a long time. kingroot is compatible with all popular android models and the app has very good user ratings.

      kingroot works on any device running android 2.2 and above. it is also free and works with a single click. just make sure you have a good internet connection. you’ll have to deal with annoying ads from time to time, but it gets the job done.

      to root android without pc using king root:

      • download and install kingroot apk. make sure you have given permission to install apps from unknown sources.
      • launch the kingroot app. You will see information about the root status of your phone.
      • On the screen, tap the attempt to root button, a blue button near the bottom of the screen.
      • this will start the rooting process. you will see the progress on your screen.
      • then you will see a green tick to indicate the completion of the process to indicate that your android device has been rooted successfully.

      once you have rebooted the phone, you will have root access and can make as many modifications as you need on your newly rooted device.

      3. kingoroot

      Not to be confused with kingroot, kingo root is another widely used rooting application. kingo root is lightweight, easy to use and gets the job done in just a few taps, just like the previous methods.

      some benefits of using kingo root include a fast rooting process, an option to use the pc if it crashes, support for many android models and versions, minimal risk of bricking the device, and ease of use.

      to root android without pc using kingo root:

      • charge the device to at least 50%.
      • connect the device to a good internet connection.
      • download the kingoroot apk and allow installation of apps from unknown sources in settings.
      • Launch the root app and tap the “one click root” tab at the bottom of the screen.
      • This will start the rooting process and you will be able to see the progress on your screen.
      • You will receive a notification once the process is complete. then you can reboot your phone and use it with root access privileges.

      4. frameroot

      framaroot app is a one-click app that you can use to root most android devices with minimal risk of bricking the device.

      framaroot apk is compatible with a wide range of popular android models and comes with a built-in root function similar to the above methods, so it is very easy to work with. framaroot is free and allows you to gain root access in just a few taps.

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      to root android without pc using framaroot:

      • download and install framaroot.
      • launch the root app and install supersu.
      • there are two exploits you can use: go with aragorn or boromir.
      • wait for the rooting process to complete. You will see a notification on your screen indicating that rooting was successful.

      now you can reboot your device and start using it as a rooted phone.

      5. root with one click

      one click root is another reliable root application that you can use without a computer. it’s simple, with easy instructions to successfully root your device.

      one click root has one of the best user interfaces and even comes with built-in live chat support where you can contact the support team if you have any issues.

      Other features that make it a good rooting option include the ability to root almost any android phone, the ease of use that even a novice can hack, free of charge, and the fact that you don’t need a pc to use it.


      to root android without pc with one click:

      • download one-click root and enable permissions to install apps from unknown sources.
      • launch the root app and click on the root device . >option.
      • You may see ads asking you to install other apps. just skip it and go to the next step.
      • tap “scan now” to check if your device can be rooted or not. Give the process time to complete this verification.
      • Once it determines that your device is rootable, press root and let the process run. Once done, the device will reboot and you will have full root access to your device.

      6. towel root

      next is towelroot, created by george geohot. it’s easy to use, lightweight and can root android device pretty fast without a computer.

      towelroot works with many android phones, it’s safe to use with minimal chance of bricking your device and it’s free. You can also root your android device directly from their website if using the root app doesn’t work.

      However, if you’re using a samsung or htc device, you’re out of luck. this tool does not support them.

      to root android without pc using towelroot:

      • download and install the towelroot app on your device. allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
      • launch the root apk and click “make it rain” option.
      • then you have to install the supersu app from the play store.
      • this will start rooting the device immediately. Give the process time to run. Once this is done, you can now use your rooted device with all the privileges associated with it.

      7. iroot app

      iroot app has a clean interface that is easy to use and navigate. it is also packed with many features that ensure the success rate of rooting a phone without bricking it.

      iroot is designed in china and the tool is in chinese, but the process is still pretty straightforward. iroot works with htc, samsung, google, sony and a good number of brand models.

      to root android without pc using iroot apk app:

      • download the app and install it. make sure unknown sources can install apps.
      • make sure you are connected to the internet and the device is at least 50% charged.
      • launch the root app and tap the
      • once done, reboot the phone and start using it as a rooted device.

      8. root master

      rootmaster is another fast rooting app that gets the job done in minutes without a computer. It is compatible with a wide range of android models and can root android devices running on cupcake 1.5 up to lollipop. this will allow you to root some of the older android devices.

      rootmaster is a one-click application that comes with a nice user interface. it is ideal even for a novice who has never rooted a device.

      to root android without pc using rootmaster:

      • download and install rootmaster apk on your android device with permissions to allow installation of apps from unknown sources granted.
      • launch the root apk. you will see a screen with a single button labeled “tap to root” in the middle. some versions have “start” instead. tap that to start rooting.
      • this will take a few minutes, so please wait patiently. Please note that the android device may reboot several times during the rooting process. Don’t panic!
      • Once completed, the android device will reboot and you will now have root access to your device.

      9. cf autoroot

      cf auto root is a bit different from the options we’ve listed so far. it works by unlocking your bootloader. this is a bit risky if you have encrypted your device. if the bootloader is not unlocked, using cf autoroot will wipe your data.

      then you can either unlock the bootloader on your android device before using this tool or backup everything just to be safe. Another point to note is that not all devices allow users to unlock the bootloader. if you use nexus, htc or motorola you should be fine.

      to unlock the bootloader on your android device:

      • Please create backup copies of your data first as an extra precaution.
      • Enable the oem unlock feature by going to settings > about phone > build number and tap it seven times to enable developer options.
      • Go to system via settings again and search for developer options in the advanced section.
      • turn on the oem unlock option.
      • browse more scroll down to usb debugging and enable it.
      • now, switch to your pc and download a bootloader unlock tool. fastboot is one of the most popular tools for this.
      • connect your phone to the computer using a compatible usb cable.
      • run the command “adb devices” in the command prompt for windows or terminal on your mac.
      • you will receive a notification message on the screen from your computer requesting access to your android device. check the “always allow” box and confirm.
      • enter and run the command “adb reboot bootloader”.
      • allow the android phone to reboot. this makes your device ready for bootloader unlock.
      • if you are using google or newer android devices, simply run the command “fastboot flashing unlock”.
      • On older devices, type the command “fastboot oem unlock” and run it.
      • A message will appear confirming that your bootloader is unlocked. reboot the fastbook device by running the command “fastboot reboot”.
      • During the reboot process, you may see a warning that your device is now unsafe. ignore it and continue booting until the process completes.

      with the bootloader unlocked, go to cf autoroot. It is compatible with many android devices including samsung phones and has a good success rate as long as you follow the instructions.

      to root android phone using cf autoroot

      • download and install cf autoroot. allow installation of root apk files on your device.
      • launch the root app and tap the root button on your screen.
      • The process will take approximately one or two minutes. Once done, reboot your android device and you should be able to start using your root privileges.

      10. android universal root

      Android universal root is slowly gaining popularity among android users because it roots most models. the UI may not be as flashy as most of the others on this list, but it’s very efficient when it comes to rooting.

      This apk is similar to framaroot and comes with a built-in option to unroot your phone if you ever want to roll back your device.

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      to root an android phone using android universal root:

      • download and install the android universal root apk on your device.
      • launch the root apk, then install supersu when prompted.
      • this will open a page within the app which requires you to choose your exact android firmware from the dropdown list.
      • At this point, you will be presented with two options: root your android device temporarily or for the long term. for temporary rooting, make sure the option is checked before proceeding. leave it empty if you want to keep the rooted android device longer.
      • now tap “root your device” and let the process take its course.
      • You will get a message on your screen informing you that the android device has been rooted and is ready to use.

      restart your android phone and you should be good to go.

      11. z4root

      z4root is another rooting app that works well with many android phones. Like most of the other options here, you don’t need to use a computer to get the results you need. all you have to do is allow the installation of apks on your android device and make sure the battery is at least 50% charged before starting the process.

      This rooting apk is a one-click rooting tool that is lightweight and convenient with very little risk of permanently breaking your device. it is compatible with popular models such as samsung, motorola, huawei, sony and lg, among others.

      The rooting app works on android 4.0 up to 6 and can reboot your android device midway if something goes wrong.

      to root an android phone using z4root:

      • download z4root and install it on your phone.
      • enable usb debugging from settings.
      • launch the root app and choose between “permanent root” and ” temporary”. root”.
      • once you have selected your choice, the phone will start rooting. give it time to allow the process to finish. you can verify the root status of your device using a root verification app just to confirm .

      12. vroot

      vroot is a professional rooting app that can be used to root all android phones and tablets in minutes. Until now, it has support for more than 8500 android phones and tablets. this includes a good number of huawei and samsung models.

      It has a welcoming user interface that is easy to navigate even for a first time user. it is light and fast. you just need to make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you have allowed any apk files to be installed on your device.

      to use vroot to root android devices:

      • download and install the root apk file.
      • launch the app and tap the root button to start the process.
      • wait for the root process to finish. . Once done, you will see a notification on your screen informing you about successful rooting.
      • Now you can use your android device in any way you want.

      13. weak sauce

      weaksauce concludes our roundup of the best one-click root apps. it was developed through xda forums and only works with htc phones. Another feature that makes it unique is that it does not permanently root your android smartphone. the moment you reboot your device, root access is lost. however, you can set it to root your android device 30 seconds after reboot, an option that can also be disabled by getting rid of the app from your device.

      to root your htc phone using weak sauce:

      • download the weaksauce root apk file to your phone.
      • launch the app. you will come across a disclaimer detailing the terms and conditions. tap yes and start the rooting process right away.
      • now download supersu to finish the process. Once this is done, you will now have a rooted phone in your hands. you can make the changes you need on your device.

      what are the benefits of rooting your android device?

      Android phones come with a lot of stock apps, manufacturer bloatware, and restrictions that prevent people from taking full control of their devices. When you root android devices, you get a deeper level of access to your device. If you want more control over your android phone, it might be a good idea. Some of the benefits include the following:

      1. you can run special applications

      Rooting allows you to run special applications on your device that would not have been supported if you had used your device in its original state. With android root access, you get more control over android device. you can make customizations that improve performance.

      2. can remove stock apps/bloatware

      Rooting allows you to get rid of stock apps. These pre-installed apps do not come with options to uninstall; you must get root access to have that power. Most of these stock apps have no other purpose than to hog resources and slow down the device.

      This is probably the main reason why I used to root my device. could not stand the dozens of bloatware that came from the factory with android devices. luckily samsung and most other brands have toned it down with bloatware.

      3. allows custom roms

      Rooting allows you to install custom roms that allow you to fully optimize your device hardware based on your specific device needs. this can help in terms of speeding up the device and improving the core user interface of your phone, among other things.

      4. better battery management

      Rooting devices can help conserve battery. The problem with stock apps and bloatware is that they hog resources like battery power, doing nothing constructive other than collecting data. By removing them from your device’s system, you will reduce the battery charge and make it last longer.

      5. you can install any version of android OS

      rooting android devices allows you to install different versions of android, even the latest one, without relying on your manufacturer to provide the updates later. With faster updates, you get the privilege and bragging rights of being among the first to use a new version of Android that gives you a better overall user experience.

      Alternatively, if you prefer an older version of an operating system, you can also install it if your device is rooted.

      6. you can block ads

      Rooting allows you to block ads in certain apps. You can’t find a working ad blocker on play store as google itself needs ads to make money. once you have rooted your device, you can use ad blocker apps that really work.

      what are the drawbacks of rooting your android device?

      rooting an android device is not without risk. There is a price to pay when you choose to make such drastic changes to your device and they include the following:

      • You could brick your phone and turn it into nothing more than a paperweight. rooting follows a strict set of instructions and if you do it wrong you can destroy your device. in some cases (a soft brick), you may be able to recover the device, but sometimes it may destroy the device permanently.
      • Rooting voids any warranty you may have on your device. you cannot claim a manufacturer’s warranty. Keep this in mind when you decide to root your phone.
      • If you root your device, you get access to software updates even before they are officially available, but this has to be done manually. In the process, you will also lose the automatic official updates feature since you have rooted your device.
      • You will lose security updates for your phone from the manufacturer. this exposes you to various threats like hacking. once you have rooted your android phone, you may want to think twice before using banking apps as there is no strong security on rooted devices.
      • some superuser apps and root apps can have well-hidden viruses and this can compromise your device. this is the reason why rooting apps are never allowed in google play store. therefore, when trying to root your device, beware of possible viruses that you may be introducing to your device.
      • the legality of rooting depends on location and manufacturer. some device manufacturers like google nexus have no problem with rooting. in the usa In the US, it is legal to root your phone but not a tablet. To learn more about how these laws work, read more here.


      If you need to unlock features and get more control over your android device, try any of the root apps mentioned above. just pay attention to the instructions and prepare your phone in advance before taking the plunge.

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