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free content on the google play store and apple app store experience price drops as part of a promotion. this allows developers to push their apps up the leaderboards, for example, or simply generate new users. For you, it’s a way to get ad-free apps or premium content without spending a single penny.

If you want to search for free content yourself, check out Antoine’s guide to finding and installing free apps safely.

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tip: don’t have enough free memory on your smartphone? you can clean your smartphone or you can install the free apps and uninstall them right away. This way, you can download them again for free in the future, since they are part of your library of purchased applications.

free apps and mobile games on google play store

free apps for your android phone

  • Notes $3.99): Let’s start with the notes app that goes by the simple name of “Notes”. the app has been crowned 4.3 stars out of 1,000 reviews.
  • nougat square – icon pack $0.99): a colorful icon pack that you can activate on various launchers.
  • applock pro $2.49) [only until sunday]: an app to protect apps from prying eyes! read more about it in our applock pro news.

free games for android

  • timing hero pv: retro fight action rgp $4) – here is an rpg, which is geared towards retro games with a pixel look.
  • [ vip] missile dude rgb tap-shot $1.99): In this mobile game you have to stop zombies by shooting them with a rocket launcher. sounds like an effective way to fight the walking dead, right?
  • defense zone hd $2.99) [only until sunday 19th]: the first installment in the defense zone series, where you defend a base with your own army.
  • defense zone 2 hd $2.99) [only until sunday 19]: get the second part of the defense zone.
  • defense zone 3 ultra hd $2.99) [only until Sunday 19]: and the third part!
  • Cartoon art ($1.99: another zombie game that wants to attract you with cartoon graphics!
  • hero evolution sp ( $1.49)level up your warrior and participate in exciting battles.
  • superhero fruit 2 premium ($0.99): Another fighting game, which seems to be trending this week, but this time you have to save the world with fruits. well…

temporarily free ios apps on the apple app store

free ios apps

  • colorsplash photography ($2.99): In photo editing, “colorkeying” is a technique where images contain only one color; the rest is black and white. here, get yourself a camera app that does exactly that.
  • remove me – bg eraser $2.99): apple has yet to introduce a “magic eraser” for its iphones. but here’s an alternative from the app store.
  • visual piano $2.99): no room for a grand piano? here’s a 3d version for your iphone or ipad!
  • fisheye pro $0.99): a cool camera app that adds a fun fisheye effect to your photos. unfortunately, there is a loss of quality.
  • instant heart rate monitor + hr $1.99): your iphone doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, but that’s not a problem! ! because with your camera you can measure your heart rate regularly and check your stress level.
  • pdf scanner $1.99): scan letters, documents and much more with this app. who needs a flatbed scanner?

free ios games

  • sphaze $0.99): In this game you have to navigate through mazes. If you get stuck, you can get hints via in-app purchase.
  • Poker Pop $0.99): A puzzle game that is a mix of dominoes and poker! ! how far will you go?
  • mysolar $9.99): play a god game and create your own solar system by designing the planet of your dreams.
  • puzzle knight’s tour $0.99): a classic chess game that will delight fans of the genre.

Have you found a free app that suddenly costs money again? then let us know in the comments so we can remove it from our list. Thanks in advance and have fun trying it out!

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