20 Best APKs for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows (July 2022)

Are you a movie lover looking for the best movie apps to stream movies and TV shows for free?

This list contains the best free movie streaming apps for android users. These applications have been tested to determine their functionality on the following devices:

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  • amazon firestick, fire tv stick lite and fire tv cube
  • android tv boxes
  • android tvs
  • nvidia shield
  • android smartphones

let’s dive in.

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best movie apps to stream movies and tv shows for free

free movie apks

1. hd cinema

Topping the list of best movie streaming apps is cinema hd.

As the name implies, movie links are displayed in high quality. it is common to find 1080p hd movies here.

The most interesting thing about cinema hd is that it is completely free to watch these movies and TV shows, including the most recent and popular ones.

This android movie streaming app is the number one showbox hd alternative as it combines features of showbox and terrarium tv.

cinema hd is easy to use and provides you with the content of your choice without any hassle. just search for titles that interest you and you’ll be presented with a good number of streaming and download links.

for the best streaming experience you can integrate real-debrid to get hd links and trakt to keep track of everything you are watching.

cinema apk also streams very fast on any device. therefore, if you notice that the application is lagging or buffering, you may want to check your internet connection.


  • allows you to download movies for future viewing
  • allows subtitles during streaming
  • movies are in hd, but you can also watch movies in other resolutions
  • has an easy to use app
  • downloads content very fast

Follow this guide to install the cinema app.

2. sony crunch

another app on google play store that is among the best streaming apps is sony crackle.

As a sony product, this application shows signs of high quality. the app has a huge library of movies and tv shows that you can watch for free in high definition. there are many genres for you to choose.

Plus, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without a subscription. You can also download movies and then watch them offline, just like with Cinema HD.

In addition to the top movies you can watch on Sony Crackle, you’ll find other exclusive movies from independent production companies.

sony crackle has a clean and easy to navigate interface so you can quickly locate the movies you’re looking for with just a few taps.

This movie streaming app and its content load very fast, ensuring your streaming experience is seamless. plus, it supports streaming across multiple devices.


  • loads very fast
  • has a vast library of movies and TV shows
  • neat and user-friendly interface that provides easy navigation
  • offers a free account with an impressive data storage limit
  • streams high quality movies in hd and lower resolutions

download sony crackle for free from google play store and find out why it is one of the most popular android apps for movies and tv. it’s also available on firestick.

3. kodi

unlike the first two movie streaming apps, kodi is an open source media player platform that is available on the android operating system.

That means it does a lot more than just let you watch movies. you can also have fun listening to audio and watching local content. These features make it one of the best and most popular multimedia applications on Google Play.

however, kodi is not a streaming app itself as it does not have content. instead, the app stores files known as repositories. so to watch a movie with kodi you simply need to download a repository and install an addon. In other words, you can only stream on kodi by using plugins made by the kodi team or by third-party developers.

The process of downloading the repository file and installing the plugins should take no more than a minute. and afterward, you’ll have a fantastic streaming experience like no other.

You can watch live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, anime, music, children’s shows, local content, etc. you can easily install the best and most popular plugins for any type of content you want to stream.

and the information you were waiting for: it’s free!


  • no registration required to use
  • the content you can consume is infinite
  • the installation process is easy
  • apart from English, kodi is available in other languages ​​like korean, spanish and japanese
  • the app is safe, free and legal

here is a step by step guide to install kodi on your device.

4. tubi tv

tubi tv is another movie app that deserves to be on my list of best streaming apps.

In this streaming app, you can find a lot of free movies and TV series that are hard to find in other apps. Plus, the robust library of feature films on Tubi TV ensures there’s something for everyone.

You can find genres like Korean Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Classics, Kids, and Romance. Streaming your favorite British series is also possible on Tubi TV. and no registration is required.

You can stream movies and TV series on various platforms such as smart TVs, fire tv devices, android devices and ios devices. The app has been optimized for mobile viewing, so you can enjoy it equally on any device.

To sync your collection and personalize your experience, you can create a free account.

Another cool feature of this app is that you can search for movies based on their ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, Tubi TV provides subtitles for most of the movies on its platform.

The application is legal and easy to use. it shows ads, but ads shouldn’t be a problem.


  • free to use legal app
  • huge collection of high quality movies updated every day
  • you can create an account without providing your credit card details credit
  • Apart from English, it is available in other languages ​​like Korean, Spanish and Japanese (like kodi)
  • It has many categories to filter movies
  • Available in amazon firestick, roku, android and ios
  • has over 200 streaming partners including lionsgate, mgm and paramount

follow these instructions to get tubi tv.

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5. mediabox hd

mediabox hd was previously called playbox hd, cinemabox and hd movie box. however, the app has gone through many upgrades to become one of the best free movie streaming apps. this is an exciting movie rig that works like a titanium tv clone.

mediabox works on streaming devices like firestick, fire tv, android tv box and nvidia shield. Plus, integrations like MX Player and Real-Debrid enhance the streaming experience, allowing you to download and watch HD movies on MediaBox.

the app has a unique feature that it can track what you are watching without using trakt. you can easily browse through many different genres, as well as use filters like rating and year of release.

another advantage of this platform is the ability to watch your favorite content on chromecast.

The app is popular not only for its smooth navigation, but also for its clean, interactive and user-friendly interface. there are many quality links to stream and download 4k movies.

Also, no registration or subscription is required to access the movies and TV shows in this app. you can also get subtitles for most movies.


  • mediabox tv is the best free alternative to netflix
  • no annoying and intrusive ads
  • no registration required
  • huge library of movies and TV series
  • filter by rating, genre, release year, and more
  • you can download movies for offline viewing
  • you can stream on many devices, including the nvidia shield

Looking for the best free netflix alternative? you have it in mediabox. download this android app now and start watching movies for free.

6. stream

stremio is definitely one of the best free android apps that can be used to stream movies and TV shows.

However, this app is unusual in its approach towards streaming movies online. stremio offers its streaming service just like kodi in that it allows you to install third-party addons to experience movies, TV shows, sports, news, music, and live TV for free.

It also has a user-friendly interface with a simple look.

One thing I don’t like about this app is that it requires users to sign up to access the movies on their platform. but this is not a big deal as you can use a vpn while signing up and accessing the site to stay anonymous while watching movies.

And once you’re able to sign up, you’ll be able to access your personal stremio content library from any of your preferred streaming devices because it will sync to all of them.

another reason why you also need to use a good vpn when streaming movies with stremio is that the apk uses bittorrent technology.

There are many high-quality movies and TV series on this channel. Subtitles have also been provided for the best viewing experience.

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And there are also some other cool features to make this app your favorite movie streaming app; the ability to watch movies on chromecast and calendar functions to receive notifications of the latest television series and youtube channels.


  • works like kodi.
  • has a strong library of free content.
  • you can watch any content you want: breaking news, youtube, movies, tv series .
  • syncs across multiple streaming devices.
  • free to use.
  • registration required (but a vpn can help you do this anonymously ).

Download the stremio app on the play store today and have fun watching your favorite movies. firestick and android tv box users can follow this guide.

7. popcorn time

popcorn time is another torrent based movie app where you can watch free movies and TV shows of your choice.

The app uses bittorrent client which indexes magnet links so you can stream your favorite content.

It is said to be one of the best streaming services and the best alternative to subscription movie streaming apps. is constantly updated with quality torrents, so you can be sure to get the latest trending movies and series.

allows you to download movies for offline viewing. the service also downloads some content before allowing you to stream it. this makes your viewing experience smoother, even with poor internet speed or connection.

the streaming service has ads, but they are not annoying or intrusive. and no registration is required to gain access to its elaborate library. just open the app and watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other video content.

and because the developers of popcorn time want to give everyone a convenient experience with their app, they offer subtitles in multiple languages.

However, despite all these cool features, you can’t download the app from the google play store, so it’s less insecure by default.

and remember that torrenting copyrighted content is illegal so you will need a vpn to hide your ip address. This way, you’ll be protected in case you unknowingly or accidentally torrent copyrighted content. you will need to download the apk to install the app on your android device.


  • free app with ads
  • no registration required
  • beautiful and intuitive user interface
  • may be illegal and unsafe
  • downloads some content to enhance the viewing experience
  • provides subtitles in multiple languages

download the popcorn time apk.

8. new tv

nova tv is another exciting new streaming service that will give you a streaming experience that you probably won’t get on most other apps.

This app is a terrarium tv clone that also allows you to integrate real-debrid, trakt and mx player (since its built-in media player is not that impressive).

Did I also mention that with this app you will have access to thousands of high-quality movies and TV shows for free? the interface is neat and easy to navigate.

you can also watch tv shows and movies in 1080p, hd and 4k.

another cool feature of nova tv is that like many of the other major streaming services it works on firestick, fire tv and android tv boxes.


  • new free app with new features
  • has amazing integrations
  • no subscription or registration required
  • works on fire tv stick and android tv cash register; can be streamed on chromecast
  • contains an endless list of movies and series
  • provides subtitles in more than 225 languages

read nova tv apk download instructions.

9. filmplus

another new streaming service you’ll love is filmplus.

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filmplus is another terrarium tv clone (except better) that you can use on firestick, fire tv, android tv boxes. It has an intuitive user interface. Plus, it supports alldebrid, premiumize, real-debrid, trakt, and mx player integrations for a fantastic streaming experience.

The app is frequently updated and provides high quality links (in 1080p and 4k) to stream movies and TV shows.

When you do a content search, this app rips movies using the latest ripping technology and gives you around 40 links to explore, quite an impressive number.

The design is also striking like that of a terrarium.


  • clean and crisp design
  • free movie streaming network
  • uses new link scraping technology to stream movies
  • offers content of high quality that is regularly updated

how to install filmplus on firestick and android tv boxes

10. pluto tv

Are you interested in broadcasting other content such as news and TV channels?

then pluto tv may be the perfect android streaming service for you.

Here, you can watch news from the world’s largest TV networks, stream hundreds of TV channels, and enjoy thousands of movies from around the world. there are many genres of video content, including action, comedy, anime, romance, adventure, and horror.

Do you think you have to pay for any of these? you do not! They’re all completely free, including live TV! neither do you need to register or provide your credit card details.

This streaming service is compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Roku, or you can stream it to your TV screen using Chromecast.

If you have children, you can hide content you don’t want your children to see. pluto tv is definitely one of the best streaming apps for mobile devices.


  • the app is free and legal to use
  • ads are not intrusive
  • no registration required
  • offers a vast library of drawings animated, television channels, movies and series
  • available only in English

you can follow this guide to get pluto tv.

11. tetv

teatv is a fairly old platform that allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free.

It deserves to be on our list of the best movie streaming apps because its app was recently updated. the content of the application is also updated frequently.

Another cool feature of this streaming app is that it generally tests the links you post on its platform to make sure they work properly. But that’s not all: the app features high-quality streams. so when you stream a movie on this app, it will likely be in 1080p.

The app offers subtitles as well as the ability to download content for free.

teatv supports viewing on fire tv stick and android tv box. also supports vlc media player, mx player, real-debrid and trakt integrations.


  • free mobile app with good quality movies (some in hd)
  • neat design
  • regularly updated TV shows and movies
  • support popular integrations and display on amazon firestick and android tv boxes

here is how to install the teatv application.

12. voodoo

vudu is another cool app for streaming movies and TV shows.

This app gives you a lot of movies to stream for free with its “movies on us” feature.

Otherwise, it’s a premium paid movie app where you can buy or rent premium movies. Free and paid movies can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Another great feature of vudu is that you can find many titles that are hard to find in other apps (including paid apps). the app also notifies you about upcoming movies and series before they are released. so you won’t miss anything that interests you.

The movies are of the best quality, with some movies in 1080p and some even in 4k. you can also stream the movies on your smart tvs using chromecast.

You can find many old and classic movies on voodoo. The main downside to streaming with Voodoo is that the free “On Us Movies” contain ads.


  • free and paid premium streaming service
  • high-quality movies (with good audio) that you can download and watch offline
  • playable on almost any device streaming
  • extensive library with many genres
  • contains movies that you can’t easily find in other streaming apps
  • free version contains ads
  • you will be prompted to register, but your credit card details will not be needed

here is our guide to get voodoo on firestick.

13. cyberflix tv

cyberflix tv is another clone of terrarium tv which is free for users to stream movies and tv series. the app claims to be even better than terrarium.

On cyberflix tv, you can easily find new and trending movies and series, as well as movies hosted exclusively on netflix and hulu.

This app provides high quality streaming, showing movies in high resolution like 720p, 1080p and 4k.

Do you want to relax at home and enjoy the latest episode of your favorite show? You can watch it on your TV using your firestick, chromecast, android tv box or other popular streaming devices.

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If you loved the terrarium interface, you’ll love the cyberflix tv interface.


  • free apk with all your movies in high definition
  • the application is updated regularly
  • the server is super fast
  • no ads
  • li>

  • has subtitles in more than 250 languages

This is where you can download the cyberflix tv app for your movie streaming devices.

14. live tv

Next on our list of the best movie streaming apps is viva tv.

Although viva tv is a new application, it has the function of including it in our list.

provides you various streaming links to watch movies and tv shows in hd, 1080p and 4k without paying a dime. if you find that a link no longer works, move on to the next available link.

viva tv has a crisp and clean design like no other. the library is inexhaustible even for the most enthusiastic movie buffs.

Supported integrations like real-debrid and trakt ensure you’ll have a blast streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. Also, you can get subtitles and watch movies using an external player if you want.


  • new free movie app
  • provides multiple links to stream a movie
  • high quality streams
  • cool user interface
  • support viewing on various devices like android tv box and fire tv stick
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15. cat mouse apk

This is another amazing terrarium and cinema apk clone that you don’t want to miss. offers even more entertainment and the service is impeccable.

catmouse apk is an android application that allows you to watch the latest movies and exclusive video content from some paid networks.

catmouse is also safe for streaming, but since you can’t download it on google play store, we advise you to be very careful and use a vpn.

here you will find thousands of movies of various genres. Another cool feature of this app is that you can download a movie directly to your mobile device. The app is also ad-free and offers HD video content.

so whether you decide to use the default media player or integrations like mx player or vlc media player, you are sure to have a fantastic experience. you can also watch through external media players.


  • secure app with no ads
  • app is regularly updated
  • thousands of movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure
  • you can download movies directly to your mobile phone

Follow our guide to get the catmouse app on your streaming device.

16. typhoon tv

update: This app is currently unavailable, please try other streaming apps on this list.

typhoon tv is one of the best free movie streaming apps for android users.

This is another Titanium TV clone, but once again, a much better version!

With just a few clicks, you can stream the movies and TV shows you crave. There are no annoying ads in this streaming app and it offers content in a variety of genres, with plenty of movies and series at your disposal.

Even without real-debrid, the movies on typhoon tv are of high quality. with the real-debrid integration, they get even better.

and to further its agenda to be known as one of the best movie streaming networks, it works on amazon firestick and android tv box.


  • free app with no annoying ads
  • a vast library of movies
  • has categories like trending, recently updated, most popular, netflix and hulu, and new releases
  • collects better streaming links than terrarium.

Here’s how to install the typhoon tv app.

17. beet

movie apk

beetv is an amazing movie streaming app that allows you to watch trailers before watching or downloading movies.

beetv apk is very responsive, has a user-friendly interface and offers exceptional customer support. it also supports integrations like trakt and real-debrid. you can use an external media player if you don’t want to use beetv’s internal player.

The content of the application is updated frequently. the app developers allow you to make requests in case you can’t find the movie you want.

You can download all the TV shows and movies you want without paying a penny.


  • free app with subtitle support
  • has exceptional customer service
  • movie streams are hd
  • you can request movies that you can’t find
  • has a responsive and easy to use design

Follow these installation steps to get beetv on your firestick.

18. toonmania


Do your kids always ask you where they can watch the latest cartoons and anime?

or are you a cartoon lover? toonmania is for you!

toonmania is one of the best cartoon streaming apps in English, Japanese and Korean.

It’s easy to access any cartoon you’re looking for, including the latest and most popular. the most interesting thing is that toonmania is free. you don’t even have to register before you can stream the contents in this app.


  • free but illegal and unsafe
  • has a lot of cartoons and anime in English and other languages
  • no registration required

19. broken movies

If you’re looking for one of the best free streaming apps for documentaries and comedy shorts, try snagfilms.

Here, you can watch independent movies on your android device. But documentaries aren’t the only type of content you can stream on this app: Movies and TV series are also available for your viewing pleasure.

Examples of exclusive content published on snagfilms are series on athlete stories, climate change, veterans and military, refugee and immigrant stories.

There are also award-winning docuseries on snagfilms. so if you’re looking for content on politics, history, cultures, and more, check out snagfilms.


  • free application for streaming informative documentaries
  • chromecast compatible
  • includes many movie genres, such as erotic thrillers, adventures, action, science fiction, romance and horror
  • Interesting platform for independent films

20. synchronizer

movie apk

if you ever liked streaming movies with tvzion, you’ll definitely want to try streaming content with syncler.

syncler uses real-debrid, and works like kodi and stremio in that you will need plugins to stream movies. you will be able to get high quality links in this app.

Another cool feature is that syncler is probably the best app to sync your progress. lets you track, organize, and sync your favorite movies and TV shows.

in addition to being available for android, it also supports streaming on nvidia shield.


  • free app
  • works like kodi
  • you can find many new movies, tv shows and anime with subtitles
  • great for syncing content on line
  • works on multiple devices like android tv box, fire tv and nvidia shield

here is how to install syncler on firestick

final thoughts on the best movie and tv show streaming apps

I’m sure you’d love to access and stream your favorite video content for free.

but using free apps like these on your streaming device can be quite risky. This is because many of the iptv plugins and services are hosted on insecure servers.

so you need to protect yourself and your devices. the best way to do it is by using a good vpn. A VPN will increase your privacy by hiding your IP address from your Internet Service Provider, third-party sites, and government agencies, making you anonymous online.

so start using a vpn today to mask your ip address and ensure you stay safe online.

I hope you liked our list of the best movie apps. If you think we’ve missed any, feel free to leave a comment below.


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