Adding google docs as email attachments using google drive


Watching: Adding google docs as email attachments using google drive


June 28, 2012 / Monitor / Comments Off on Adding Google Docs as Email Attachments Using Google Drive


With the new compose experience, you can now attach a Google Drive file to your Gmail message, just like your traditional email services.

To get started:

1.) Open a Gmail message with the new Compose Window

2.) Hover your cursor over the paperclip and + at the bottom of the window

3.) Click on the Google Drive icon (says ‘Insert files using Drive’ when you hover over it’)

4.) If you’ve installed Drive on your desktop, you can select files from your computer

5.) If not, select the ‘My Drive’ option on the left-hand side of your screen

6.) Choose your file and you’re all done!

Screenshot of the new icon in your Gmail:

If the file that you are sending is not shared with the person you are sending it to, you will receive a pop-up when you try to send the email. There, you will be able to specify the sharing policy, and you can either make it view-only, or you can allow them to edit the file.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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