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My friend Mike asked me if there was a quick way to get around the firewall that keeps him from being able to access his Gmail at work. I was surprised at how easy it is.

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I don’t understand why Gmail gets blocked at work. I think it is much better that people are having their personal conversations using iluvkfed69 instead of representing the company with every list of jokes, funny images, or comical videos they forward.

But enough of my diatribe against poor policies in the workplace. You can access Gmail using a different URL! They usually only block some of the web addresses.

#1: Use different web addresses

Instead of using use

You can also try

#2: Configure your mail program to access Gmail (through POP)

If none of those sites are available the simplest solution might be to configure your mail program (Microsoft Outlook, etc) to connect to Gmail. Instructions can be found on Google’s Help Center.


#3: Access Gmail through Google Desktop

Another alternative is to download Google Desktop on to your PC. It will bypass proxies to access Gmail. Unfortunately, Google Desktop may also be banned at some workplaces.

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#4: Use a web server with Gmail Lite installed

If you’re dead set on accessing your mail from the web you can try searching an application called “Gmail Lite”. This is an application you can install on your own web site.

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Of course, most people don’t have their own web site. But if you keep searching through the results you’ll find websites that have Gmail Lite installed for anyone to use.

Make sure to bookmark the site for later.


#5: Bribe the IT guys at your work


Always be on the good side of the IT guys. It makes life so much easier. They accept bribes.FoodBoozeMovies(preferably pirated copies — although IT guy probably has a better movie collection than you)AnimeFlirting

On the subject of generic proxies

If you’re looking for a proxy that will let you access any blocked web page then the comments of this Digg post have a lot of suggestions.

(Credit where credit is due, that thread is where I found out about almost all of the information in this post)

One tip I really like is let Google be the proxy for you. These sites will always be accessible.

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Surfing through Google Translate (from English to English) will let you navigate through any web site.|en&u=furnituremaisak.comBookmark that one in case work ever blocks my web site. I wonder if it will correct my spelling mistakes?Surfing through the Google Web Toolkit (changes appearance of web pages) Surfing through the Google XHTML translator for mobile phones (changes appearance of web pages)

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I hope you found this informative and you don’t let your web surfing interrupt your productivity too much.

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