How To Add Gmail Account To Windows 8 Mail App In Windows 8, How To Set Up An Account In Mail In Windows 8

I”ve tried to add my gmail account to the Windows 8 mail app, but I keep getting a message saying the information I entered may not be correct. I have gone to and am 100% sure that I am entering the correct email address and current password. How can I get this to work for me? Thank you.

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Follow these tutorials:

When you add the account are you checking the sync contacts and calendar setting in the add account experience? If not can you try with the option selected ? With the sync calendar and contacts settings unchecked mail tries to add the account as an imap account, if that”s how you would like to sync your Google account you”ll need to check if imap is enabled for your account on the email account settings page on Google.



Did you already add a Microsoft account? You have to do that first, then you can add a Gmail account in the app settings.



According to ZDNet, it is not possible any longer since January 30th because Google dropped support for Google Sync for customers who use its free Gmail and Google Apps services.

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You should be able to use IMAP though.




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